3 Ways Responsive Web Design Will Skyrocket Your Business’ Success

2020-02-24T14:41:55-07:00February 1st, 2020|Website Design|

What is responsive web design? The simplest way to explain this concept is that it gives the best viewing experience for a particular device. So if a person is looking at your website with a phone that has a four-inch screen, it’ll display in the best way that works for that size, rather than showing a site in the exact same manner as it would on a large computer screen.

But does responsive web design really need to be at the top of your list? With more consumers conducting internet searches and making purchases on their mobile devices, the answer is a resounding yes. Here are three ways responsive web design will skyrocket your business.

1. Successful Search Engine Marketing

Responsive web design is important for SEO, as Google favors responsive websites in their search algorithm. And with Google responsible for 90% of searches in the U.S., doing everything you can to improve your rankings is critical for the growth of your business. Making your site easy to navigate for a mobile user will help your site become more visible in search queries. This gives you more visibility and more potential for conversions. In addition, people will stay on your site longer, decreasing your bounce rate.

Google uses both time spent on your site and bounce rate as factors in ranking your site. If the time spent on your site is short, Google may view your web content as less relevant to the search keyword you’re trying to rank for. That will have negative effects on your ranking, decrease your visibility, and decrease your potential for conversions. But if customers spend more time on your site, you also have a higher possibility of repeat visitors who will come back and purchase more of your products and services. One other thing making your web design more responsive will do is make your website go faster. Google has stressed many times that faster loading websites are favored in search results.

2. Increased Social Media Presence

Your social media marketing will be negatively impacted without a web design that’s responsive. If your site doesn’t make it easy for mobile users to find what they’re looking for, they’ll be less likely to purchase anything or share your site with others. Second, if there are no built-in share buttons that can be clicked, that will also make them less likely to share or interact with your brand on social media platforms. Fixing your web design to be more responsive will help you have a more visible presence on social media. And as your bigger audience gives you more traffic and engagement, search demand will increase, helping you rise in Google search rankings.

3. Better Local SEO

Did you know that most local searches occur on mobile? People searching on their phones are more likely to call or visit a local business, so it makes sense that ensuring your site is responsive can do wonders for your walk-in traffic and local inquiries. If your site is responsive, your rankings will improve in local searches and you’ll get more conversions from the local audience you’re competing for. Approximately 92% of the businesses that searchers pick are on the first page of local search results, so don’t overlook the importance of targeting local users and ensuring your site is responsive.

With more people using mobile phones to surf the web and shop, you literally can’t afford to overlook responsive optimization. And with Google placing more importance on responsive web design, it’s better to get ahead of the trend now. Let Fasturtle help you do that. With our internet marketing services, we can help you achieve your goals.