4 Ways Local Online Marketing Boosts Sales and Conversions

Most small businesses would say they are trying to make efforts to increase their sales. In order to complete with bigger and more recognizable businesses, small business owners are utilizing local online marketing efforts. Here are 4 ways local online marketing boosts sales and conversions for your small business. Improve Your SEO Campaigns for local [...]

All You Need to Know About Website Designs and its Types

The Static Page Layout – All About the Presentation A static web payout is lightweight, and it is one that never changes. It’s great for presentation, and it can usually be seen across platforms, such as mobile, and PC. Though it is limited, it is a great way to present your business and show what [...]

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What Can Website Design Companies Do for My Small Business?

Bad site designs can kill your online business. If you’re on the fence about hiring the services of a small business web design company, take a long look at some of the things those services can mean for your organization. Builds the Right First Impression Competition is tough. You have plenty of other companies vying [...]

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Responsive Websites for Mobile-First Index

Why do we need mobile-friendly responsive websites? Consumer trends point to more than half of search queries coming from mobile devices, and that number is growing. Poor user experience on a mobile device leads to consumers giving up and visiting competitors' websites instead. Google, in their quest to deliver user-friendly search results, penalizes websites that aren't [...]