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79% of U.S. consumers shop online, making this a great time to start an ecommerce store.
Creating an ecommerce store is one challenge; ensuring you’re found online is another.

Fasturtle’s Effective Ecommerce Optimization Strategies

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Transparent Prices

44% of carts are abandoned because of high shipping costs, 25% because the product cost more than expected, and 22% because shipping costs were listed too late in the process. Together, that’s a whopping 91%. Fasturtle fights bounce rates and cart abandonment by plainly stating prices, something your clients will appreciate.

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76.5% of users cite a website looking trustworthy as an important influence in purchasing. With so many illegitimate ecommerce stores on the web, Fasturtle is dedicated to making your ecommerce website look credible through professional design and available trustmarks we can incorporate onto your pages.

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Clear CTAs

Another way to gain client trust and legitimize your website is by making it easy to contact you. Fasturtle creates ecommerce websites with consistent call-to-actions that make it easy for clients to call you or fill out a contact form.

Starter Websites

Product-Focused Design

A great website design means nothing if your clients aren’t able to decipher what you’re selling. The golden rule is that clients should know exactly what you’re advertising within three seconds. At Fasturtle, we create ecommerce websites that not only look sensational, but make your products and goods the focal point.


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TURTLE TIP: Online sales increase by 36% when retail sites display familiar trustmarks.