When it comes to attracting traffic, most experts will tell you to focus on organic traffic through the use of SEO (search engine optimization) and will often dismiss paid media as means of obtaining, such as PPC (pay per click) advertising as a short-term solution that isn’t as cost effective as SEO and that doesn’t have a big enough impact long term. However, we believe that paid media can be extremely effective, as long as you use it as a way to compliment your SEO strategy.

Target User Search Intent with an Organic Based Strategy

Organic searches are either done with commercial intent or with discovery or informational intent. Users that are performing discovery or information-based searches are looking for informational content to help them make a decision. To target these users, you’ll want to focus on providing high quality, relevant content that is properly optimized for SEO. High-quality content is content that informs the user about your services, company culture or an industry trend.

However, Google is more likely to display ads for searches performed with commercial intent. This is because people searching with commercial intent are more likely to make purchases, and PPC ads are an excellent way to promote products or services. By using PPC ads, you’ll ensure that you target these users as well.

Test SEO Keywords and the Customer’s Journey with Paid Media

PPC ads aren’t just an effective way to promote products and services to users searching with commercial intent – they’re also an effective way to test out keywords. PPC ads that get more click-throughs are most likely using more strong keywords. You can then implement these keywords into your SEO strategy while discarding the keywords that were not successful.

PPC ads can be incredibly useful, which is why we highly recommend implementing a paid search strategy to compliment your SEO efforts. To learn more about how our comprehensive approach to inbound marketing can help to improve your marketing ROI, be sure to contact us at Fasturtle today.