When the time comes to redesign your website, there are a lot of decisions to be made— and a lot of people who want to help you make them. From designers and web development experts to your search engine optimization team, Scottsdale businesses redesigning their websites have a great deal of input to ponder. Before making any final decisions, ask yourself the following questions:

What is Your Sites Current Content?

Not knowing exactly what is on your site may result in several problems during the redesign, such as:

  1. the loss of valuable assets
  2. producing duplicates, which appears unprofessional and wastes money
  3. missing opportunities to build on content your audience enjoys

To avoid this, perform a content auditing process that assesses your web pages, blog posts, videos, and other current assets. Look for holes and work with digital marketing experts to help you provide the content, information, and products your audience seeks.

What Content Generates the Most Revenue?

Website redesign typically includes a content refresh, where sites get updated via the addition of new content and pages, and the removal of pages that are not adding value. But don’t stand idly by— work with your web development team to examine analytics and learn why things are staying or going:

  • e-commerce tracking identifies pages that convert and generate revenue— keep those, and focus on fixing pages that are high value but low traffic
  • Google’s Landing Page Report shows where visitors land and what site brought them there— ensure these high-traffic entry points are attractive, accurate, and user-friendly

How Well do Current Calls to Action Work?

A custom website design team in Scottsdale can determine how visitors navigate individual pages and identify what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, you may use In-Page Analytics or heat-mapping to see how and where users are clicking (i.e. bottom half of page or main call to action).

What is Missing?

A digital marketing company can pin-point exactly what visitors are searching for. Your internal search logs provide valuable insight into what products and in what volume your audience is after, and identify problems in the navigation process. Does a product need its own page? Should you add new products? Find out and fix it.

Is the Content Cohesive with the Site Design?

Determine the website’s goals and present content that reflects them. Work with a web development team to design a site that is logical, easy to navigate, and contains content that accurately summarizes and reflects your intentions.

Understanding what works, what’s lacking, and what people want go a long way in the website redesign process. Get with a professional digital marketing company or web development team to create a clean, focused, and profitable site.