Are you looking to get more people to see your website? Do you want to avoid paying money for those strategically placed ads? There are things you can do for free that will make a difference in how and where your business is seen in organic search results.

Visitors to your website are potential customers. Even if they don’t initially buy anything, you want them to return soon and keep coming back. This is why your website must look not only professional but also be completely optimized to take advantage of every opportunity to get your name out there.

Looking for a few organic SEO tips to increase organic traffic to your website? SEO company in Scottsdale offers the following 5 suggestions to maximize your business’s online presence:

  1. Know your niche and its keywords. Brainstorm between 5-10 topics of interest to your business. From there you can develop a list of specific keywords that are aimed specifically to your business. Search engine optimization begins with proper keyword research; without it you’ll be lost in a sea of search results pages.
  2. Optimize your entire website. Once you know which keywords and phrases will work for your company, they need to be included in every aspect of your website. This involves using them in all content that is created, but also putting them in your title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, and in every URL you use in pages on your website.
  3. Use a long-tail keyword strategy. Not too long ago, using a keyword or two seemed to be all there was to getting found in the search results. Now however, it’s more advantageous to using key phrases that are more specific and drilled down to your specific niche results. Long-tail key phrases are driving home more and better results.
  4. Create read-worthy content. Always write and include content for people, not for the search engines. Always tailor your content to your audience. This includes using keywords that apply to what it is you’re talking about. Focus on quality over quantity.
  5. Be found on social media. Organic SEO tips wouldn’t be complete without knowing you need to be found in places other than your website. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. should be used to your best advantage. Whichever channels you choose, ensure that your business message and branding is the same wherever people see your name.

Increasing your organic traffic may take time, and an SEO company in Scottsdale can help make the process easier and quicker. Follow the right rules and you’ll be headed for great success in the search engines.