Social media is here to stay.  It is the easiest way build your business and send out brand messages. Today, companies are actively encouraging employees to use the business social networks as part of their personal life. It’s a meeting of two totally different worlds, traditionally kept very separate.

There is a fine line between personal and business life, and crossing that line is an easy mistake to make. Business owners may cringe at the thought of letting their employees (or themselves) share personal pictures, thoughts and views on the business’s social network, but once you learn the tips, it becomes natural.

The trick is to find the balance between the two. When you’re posting on behalf of your brand, and are posting personal information, the information may be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Some social media comments may come across as egotistical and backfire on your brand.  Employees need to post with caution and be aware how their posts could be interpreted.

The truth is that everyone’s personal life is almost certainly more interesting than their business life, and incorporating that personality trait from your personal life into your business life is more memorable on the social networks. The fact that you run a technology company? Boring. The fact that run a technology company, and also grill award winning barbeque ribs? People will remember that.

So here are some tips to avoid accidental social media egotism:

  1. Remember, not everything needs to be shared online. Just because you’re out of town for business, your brand followers don’t want to know when you’re drinking your fourth beer in an Irish pub at night, while meeting with clients during the day.
  2. Develop a social media language and stick with it. Find the right ‘tone’ and be consistent. More people will want to follow you if you come across positive, happy and genuine all the time.
  3. Double and triple check your posts before you click send.  Make sure your grammar, spelling and content is correct and makes sense.
  4. Don’t over update.  Your customers won’t appreciate you clogging their social network news feeds.
  5. Make sure you mix up your posts – rotate between branded and personal messages to keep it interesting.
  6. When posting about your personal life, it should reveal an interesting fact about yourself.  What’s a dimension of your life people would be fascinated to know?

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