We’ve been using Twitter an awful lot at work. If you don’t know what Twitter is, as your liaison de l’informatique we are happy to inform you that Twitter (http://twitter.com) is a social network made up of short messages. While one message may seem mundane, factor in millions of users all over the world and cool info-graphics like this turn up about the most common words used during the Super Bowl.

I enjoy sharing things @jayrobinson, and we have a company Twitter account @fasturtle. We started talking about our favorite people to follow and we thought we’d share them with you.

@jasonfried – because he started 37signals and he’s probably a genius
@mike9r – smart designer and budding Cocoa enthusiast, he provides interesting links and tips
@cabel, @stevenf – the founders of Panic Inc. provide some good insight into the Apple developer community

@creattica – consistent quality design links
@aisleone, @konigi – love their tweets and blogs for design / web tips

@snookca – keeps me up on all the latest developer news, Mac software, and productivity ideas
@cameronmoll – provides some design-related links and humor

What it boils down to is that we are folks who love the Web, and we want to meet other people who are just as passionate as us and love to share things about the Web. So follow us if you’d like, post your opinion to our new poll in the sidebar, or sound off in the comments!