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Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most powerful website creation tool on the planet. That’s why we recommend Managed WordPress Hosting to all of our clients. Uptime refers to how often your website is working and available. Putting in hours upon hours of effort into creating your website is useless if there are days it isn’t functioning. Even an hour of your website being down can lead to loss of revenue, especially if your site crashes during a promotion. After building your website, we’ll ensure it’s always up and running.

WordPress hosting includes the following features:

Starter Websites

Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting: Shared WordPress website hosting with up to 1 GB storage space. Includes SSL, Uptime Monitoring, and Monthly Backups. Excludes email hosting.

Starter Websites


Our platform is built on the latest technologies PHP7, SSL, and Nginx to improve WordPress speed.

Starter Websites


Every single site comes with its own SSL certificate without any additional cost to you. No configuration, no hassle.
SSL is important not only for search engine ranking signals, but provides encrypted data transmission from your website.

Starter Websites

Uptime Monitoring

Our hosting includes uptime monitoring to sites for downtime from multiple locations.

Starter Websites

Monthly Backups

Rest assured knowing we take monthly backups and store them offsite.


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