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You may have heard the expression “Content is King,” which is true but “Engagement is Queen” – and they both need crowns. Your business may offer an outstanding service or product, but without properly communicating its benefits, your searchers may lose interest, not engage in your subject matter and are less likely to become customers.

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Fasturtle provides industry-versed, experienced copywriters who are able to illustrate your business through trending analysis. Using conversational  topical wording, our experts correlate your business products and services against relevant and trending topics to shape content and ultimately pivot you as an expert in your field. Whether you need high quality website content or professional blog writers – our approach reflects the style, voice and vision of your business while incorporating search engine optimization techniques to drive a targeted audience to your site.

  • Fast, engaging, unique website or blog content written by experienced professionals in your industry
  • Search engine friendly content to maximize user search relevancy & engagement
  • Accurate and understandable regardless of how technical the subject
  • Interactive process to keep you involved throughout development