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Why search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for your business Consumers typically research products and services prior to making a purchase. That research begins on [...]

Did you know 46% of all searches on search engines are for local businesses? Local listings help local customers find your business! Keeping your listings [...]

PPC advertising on Google is an effective solution for generating high quality leads for your business. 46% of searchers click on ads located in the [...]

Social media is more than just a trend. It’s a way for your business to stay relevant, grow brand awareness, and build credibility as a [...]

It's highly unlikely that a consumer will convert after just one interaction with your business. Statistically, it takes between 14 and 21 interactions, or touches, [...]

Did you know it costs less to retain customers than to acquire new customers? Furthermore, the purchase history data you have on existing customers can [...]

Digital marketing is essential for every business. Holistic digital marketing plans include a variety of services, some of which build trust, others drive traffic, and [...]

Your customers most likely get their first impression of your business when they land on your website. So how can you improve user experience and [...]

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, it NEEDS to be! Mobile devices surpassed laptops as the most used device in 2016, and over half of [...]

Looking to improve your PPC campaign? Try adding negative keywords! Adding negative keywords helps to narrow your target audience by filtering out people looking for [...]

Set your Business Apart from the Competition How? Use your digital marketing to emphasize the unique aspects of your business. For example, local businesses should [...]

Digital marketing isn't just important for your business, it's a MUST! Smartphones, quick and easy shipping methods, and the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way [...]

It's crucial that every business maintain a presence on social media. Why? There are many benefits of posting relevant and engaging content on your business's [...]

As a business owner, you know you need to maintain a presence on social media for brand awareness, building customer loyalty, increasing website traffic, and [...]

As a business owner, you know you need to implement a digital marketing campaign to attract new customers and keep up with your competition. Is [...]

Landing a spot on the first page of Google is extremely valuable for any business. Searchers are far more likely to see and visit your [...]

Why do you Need to Optimize your Website for Voice Search? 36% of all Google searches are completed using voice assistants on smartphones, smart speakers, [...]

Why is Website Speed Important for Your Business? 40% of internet users will navigate away from your website if they experience a loading time delay [...]

What is a Google Featured Snippet? Have you noticed that some of your Google searches produce an informational box with the answer to your search [...]

The Importance of Customer Reviews 88% of consumers consider online reviews as trustworthy as a personal recommendation. That being said, it is extremely important for [...]

We've all heard the phrase, "Content is king". But how do you create great content? Content should be easy to read and understand for your [...]

Choosing a Web Building Platform WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular platform for building a website. Although WordPress does simplify the process of building a [...]

Does your LinkedIn business page stand out from your competitors? Be sure to take the time to write an attention-grabbing headline and description. This will [...]

Why Social Media? In today's hyper-connected world, most customers first discover brands online, specifically through social media. As a result, advertising on social media is [...]

Pandemic Promotion Tips It might be tempting to pause your internet marketing services during times of economic stress. However, doing so will have long-term impacts [...]

SEO Quick Fact 95% of all search traffic only looks at businesses that fall on the first page. As a result, your SEO campaign is [...]

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