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Engage with current clients and create new ones.

Fasturtle uses the most powerful and effective email marketing software for our clients: Constant Contact

Strategic Email Marketing by Fasturtle

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Leading expert in email marketing.
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Benefits of Email Marketing

Starter Websites

Boost customer communication.

Keep customers and prospects engaged with email newsletters. Email Marketing puts you in customers’ inboxes. We’ll help you avoid spam filters.

Professional Websites

Amplify your message with social media.

Use social media to reach customers and members — plus their fans, friends, and followers — on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Put social media to work for your business.

Professional Websites

Get the professional look.

Use our free email templates to get a designer’s touch. Customize our email marketing templates with your own fonts, colors, and logos. No tech skills required to create HTML emails.

Professional Websites

Target your customers directly.

Increase the impact of your email newsletters by creating focused email lists by customer interests. Sending relevant and targeted email marketing increases response rates.

Professional Websites

Grow your business through referrals.

Email newsletters are easy to forward. When your loyal customers forward your newsletters to their friends, you get new prospects. Increase your mailing list by putting a “Join My Mailing List” button on your website or Facebook page. Email marketing turns fans, friends, and followers into loyal customers.

Professional Websites

See results immediately.

Send email campaigns quickly and easily. See results with real-time email reports. Schedule email delivery during times people are most likely to check theirs email, increasing the likelihood they’ll read it and take action.

Professional Websites

Lower your marketing costs.

Email marketing priced for small businesses — as low as $20/month. Send as many permission-based email newsletters as you want. No printing or postage costs, no envelopes to stuff, and no paper cuts.

Professional Websites

Learn who opens, clicks, and forwards.

Graphs and reports show your email marketing response rates. See who opens your emails, who forwards them to friends, and who clicks on which links. Learn what people are interested in so you can tailor your content, boost responses, and grow your business.


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