In 2016,  business are expected increase their paid spend by 46%

The traditional way that once was used to place ads has significantly changed as Google and other search engines change the design of their SERP platforms. Our clients are investing in location-based marketing strategies and location technologies to directly communicate with customers through their mobile devices. Smartphone adoption continues to reach high numbers with an estimated 2 billion consumers worldwide expected to own a smartphone this year. Consumers demand and respond to advertising that is customized to their interests. Our Google Adwords certified strategists uncover user intent to drive performance. What this means is understanding how your users, consumers and prospects decide to click, share and ultimately purchase or convert. Location-based marketing is gaining importance since businesses want to reach their customers on time and at the right place by using contextually relevant, personalised, and multi-dimensional marketing solutions. Our KPI driven performance evaluation of your paid campaign creates and shapes digital marketing strategies that will convert into revenue for your business.

Our relentless pursuit of acquiring results allows Fasturtle to showcase every decision point along the customer journey. We optimize and set up campaigns based on several factors like average cost per click, relevancy, quality score, competitive landscape, conquesting against your competitors, mobile vs. desktop and click through rates.

There are several forms of paid media we can engage in depending on your business model and objectives which sets Fasturtle aside from many agencies who only engage in a fraction of paid media approaches.

Some of these include:

  • Paid Adwords
  • Competitor Conquesting
  • Re-Targeting
  • Video Ads
  • Display Network Ads
  • Shopping Cart Ads
  • PPC ads can immediately compensate for a business that doesn’t place in the top page rankings.
  • PPC ads can help businesses increase their revenue stream while their organic SEO techniques are building momentum.
  • PPC advertising helps to build a website’s natural brand awareness by directing interest to the site while it develops an online reputation.
  • PPC ads are less costly and faster to implement than a strategic & traditional SEO strategy.
  • PPC ads can put your business on the first page of a given search result. This is a great reward for businesses whose organic SEO strategies have yet to produce results, or who are struggling to be seen in a competitive marketplace.
  • PPC ads can be geographically targeted so they only appear to potential customers in your area. Targeting can be done by state, city or zip code.
  • More and more users are using mobile devices and PPC ads make up the top 3-4 results of those search results.

We can deploy ads on: