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Give Your Online Marketing a Boost with a Top PPC Agency

If you’ve ever Googled a service, you’ll notice the first 2-4 search engine results are ads. These ads are called Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, and they receive a whopping 65% of clicks.

What PPC Marketing Can Do for Your Business

As a top-rated Google Ad agency, we offer a full suite of PPC marketing services.

PPC advertisement is a great reward for businesses whose organic SEO strategies have yet to produce results, or who are struggling to be seen in a competitive marketplace.

PPC marketing involves placing targeted ads within the search results on Google. As the top Google ad agency businesses rely on, we can maximize your ad spend and get potential customers to your site. Our Pay-Per-Click strategies can garner nearly immediate results. Our expert professionals make sure the appropriate audiences are targeted for your ads in order to maximize results. For more information on Google ads, contact Fasturtle today!

  • PPC ads can put your business on the first page of a given search result.
  • PPC ads can immediately compensate for a business that doesn’t place in the top page rankings.
  • PPC ads can be geographically targeted so they only appear to potential customers in your area.
  • PPC ads can help businesses increase their revenue stream while their organic SEO techniques are building momentum.
  • PPC ads help build a website’s natural brand awareness by directing interest to the site while it develops an online
  • PPC ads are less costly and faster to implement than a strategic and traditional SEO strategy.

We Can Deploy Ads On:

Our Clients’ PPC Ads

Our Pay Per Click Strategy

Fasturtle optimizes and sets up PPC marketing campaigns based on:

Starter Websites

Average Cost Per Click

The price you pay for each PPC campaign.

Starter Websites

Click Through Rates

How many people visit your website because of your ad.

Starter Websites


Ranking for keywords related to your services.

Starter Websites

Quality Score

Google’s rating of your PPC and keywords.

Starter Websites


Keywords other businesses in your industry rank for.

Starter Websites

Mobile VS Desktop Users

Implementing best practices for mobile advertisements.


Learn more about our PPC management services.

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TURTLE TIP: Targeting can be done by state, city, or zip code.