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Are Your Customers Still On Hold?

60% of customers believe being on hold for one minute is too long. That’s why having automated chat on your website is more important than ever.

Fasturtle Chat

On average, a customer will hang up after being put on hold for 13 minutes. The solution to long wait time seems to be live chat, but waiting more than 15 minutes to respond on chat means losing almost all of your potential leads.

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Why Fasturtle’s Chat is Superior

Why is the average chat completion rate so low? Live chats tend to have long wait lines, human error, and a customer service representative who doesn’t actually work in the industry.

Our automated chat analyzes the customer’s query and responds within 3 seconds. Through machine learning and conversation analytics, we’re constantly building new variables and responses so our chat gets smarter. Customers are fully engaged and the entire chat process is completed in less than one minute.

Fasturtle’s chat provides instant solutions in a world where customers expect it.

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TURTLE TIP: Responses within 5 minutes versus 10 minutes see a 400% increase in qualifying leads.