Home Instead

Digital Marketing Case Study

Home Instead provides high-quality, compassionate care to seniors wanting to age in place in the comfort of their home. With over 25 years of experience providing trusted care and great brand recognition, Home Instead was still looking for ways to improve their lead generation in such a competitive industry. After speaking with the knowledgeable team at Fasturtle, they were eager to work together to build an effective marketing campaign.

Since 2000, Fasturtle has prioritized every client and their unique business goals, providing exceptional, results-oriented, digital marketing solutions. We at Fasturtle pride ourselves on being driven by results and working with our clients to build strong campaigns that grow their businesses. After an in-depth conversation with Home Instead about their services, business goals, and marketing needs, our team of experts developed a highly successful marketing campaign.

The Problem

When a market is competitive, and particularly when a local market is competitive, it can be difficult for brands to find qualified leads that aren’t already doing business elsewhere. Home Instead was seeing this problem with their brand alongside the fact that they managed many nearby franchises and wanted to make sure this location was the leader and first to appear in relevant Google searches.

The Solution

Since Home Instead is a well known brand, their domain authority was already extremely high so our main focus of this campaign was to leverage that using a few different tactics.

SEO is a generally a great tactic to use to get brands in front of prospects and ensure they’re reaching those people actively searching for their services. For Home Instead, we developed an SEO strategy focusing monthly content on high volume, high converting keywords to consistently increase lead volume and search visibility.


Further grabbing the attention of potential customers, we developed a Google ad campaign targeting those actively searching for garage organization and cabinets. Using heavily searched keywords and a well designed landing page, we expanded our reach within the target audience.

We paired this with a local SEO campaign to improve Google Maps performance while also launching a Google Ad campaign to maximize lead generation.

The Results

When we first started working with Home Instead, they were having trouble competing in their local market as well as establishing their location as a leader appearing first in relevant Google searches.

After implementing the tactics above, Home Instead saw a 32% increase in conversions in 2020 and 58.12% of those were from organic search results. Additionally, four of the targeted keywords were shown on Page 1 of search results while two additional keywordswere shown at the top of Page 2.

They also saw a 110% increase in discovery searches in 2020 and a 183% increase in phone calls in 2020. This proves that the implementation of the tactics provided was successful.

Once the Google Ads campaign was launched, Home Instead saw a 6.95% conversion rate (national average is 3.75%). Not only that, but their search impression share is now 22.81% (national average is 20%).

Conversion Rate (Compared to National Average of 3.75%)
Increase in Phone Calls
Increase in Discovery Searches in 2020

Continued Success in the Home Care Industry

Our partnership with Home Instead proved to be extremely successful and we were able to bring them a steady stream of qualified leads in their already competitive industry. We were able to help them achieve a 123% increase in phone calls and a 3% CTR in 2020 (national average is 2%). 

This proves that Fasturtle is well-equipped to build brand awareness and online visibility in the Home Care industry in the future.

Is your current marketing strategy getting you quality leads?