All Rock Supply

Digital Marketing Case Study

All Rock Supply is a wholesale and retail supplier for a variety of landscape materials with a primary focus on landscape rock and boulders. With three locations throughout the Phoenix valley, All Rock Supply focuses on helping homeowners and business owners improve their curb appeal with water conscious landscaping.

Looking for a digital marketing partner to help them keep up with their competitors online, All Rock Supply contacted Fasturtle in 2016.

A Valued Partnership and a Successful Campaign

For more than 20 years, Fasturtle has prioritized every client and their unique business goals, providing exceptional, results-oriented, digital marketing solutions. We pride ourselves on being driven by results and working with our clients to build strong campaigns that grow their business. After speaking with All Rock Supply about their products, services and business goals, our expert marketing team developed a strategic digital marketing plan that has led to continuous growth and a valued partnership.

The Problem

The internet today is filled with lots of noise and different companies competing for attention. As a result, All Rock Supply enlisted the help of Fasturtle to help them design a new website and digital marketing campaign in order to keep up with online competition.

The Solution

To start out, Fasturtle designed a website that heavily relied on search engine optimization. This involved researching keywords that were used to ensure the content of the website would easily be found on search engines.

All Rock Supply gained sizable traction in their marketing efforts after the creation of the new website and SEO alone. To further boost their lead generation, Fasturtle created a Google ads campaign. Using Google Ads as a marketing tactic can serve as a big source of business for companies when developed correctly.

We, again, utilized keywords for the Google Ads as well as targeting specific services that were most often searched for in order to generate quality leads for All Rock Supply.

After implementing a top-notch website using SEO and after getting All Rock Supply positioned with Google Ads, the company noticed a huge difference in both quality and quantity of leads; so much so that they planned to divert all of their budget that was previously dedicated to print ads over to Google Ads.

The Results

When All Rock Supply first came to Fasturtle, they were having trouble staying competitive in an extremely crowded online market. By implementing the solutions presented above, All Rock Supply saw an 84% increase in total website sessions while also increasing organic web traffic by 435% from 2019 to 2020.

In regards to their Google Ads campaign in 2020, All Rock Supply had a 39.05% search impression share in 2020 (compared to the national average of 20%) and a 10.82% CTR (compared to the national average of 2%).

Increase in organic website traffic from 2019 to 2020
Google Ads CTR (compared to the national average of 2%)

Continued Success in the Landscape Services Industry

The success of this campaign has laid the groundwork for Fasturtle to use similar techniques while building digital marketing campaigns for other clients within the landscaping and landscape supply industries. In 2020, our landscape service clients saw a stunning 427% increase in organic traffic from search engine optimization. In addition, our pay per click clients experienced a 5.4% CTR and 6.96% conversion rate. Valuing our client partnerships and delivering ROI driven, proven results is what makes Fasturtle a leading digital marketing agency for landscape services.

Is your current marketing strategy getting you quality leads?