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How well does your website
function on phones?

In 2016, mobile-use finally surpassed desktop-use, meaning a mobile-friendly website design is essential to your business. Beyond just being able to pull up your site on a smartphone or tablet, clients need to navigate through your website without having to resort to a desktop. Visitors getting frustrated with your mobile website, and forgetting to look you up later on their computers, account for a potential loss of clients.

Of businesses do not have mobile friendly websites.
Of consumers look up businesses on their phones.
Of sites need to be mobile-responsible according to Google.

Our Work

Ask not what your mobile site can do without, but what it can include. At Fasturtle, we believe the answer is everything.

Tackling Bounce Rate

Fasturtle wants to ensure your clients don’t bounce away (or exit) from your mobile website. Clients search for businesses on their phones out of convenience, and an inefficient mobile site creates just the opposite effect. Our design experts ensure your website functions independently on any screen with:

  • Quick page-loading time
  • Layouts that adjust to screen sizes
  • Text that fits on every screen
  • Slow web pages
  • Static layouts
  • Missing and misaligned content

More than Just Size

Beyond designing websites that look fantastic on smartphones and tablets, we make sure they function just as well as desktop versions. On mobile, your website will still feature:


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