Website Maintenance

Our monthly plans save you time and money when it comes to updating your website.

At Fasturtle we offer maintenance plans that include discounted hours of work on your website. This allows us to go in and make requested changes for you, optimize your website pages, and ensure your website is in great shape each month – all while saving you money!

Monthly Website Maintenance

2 Hours Per Month

Discounted website design and programming hours from $250 to $195. Unused hours do not roll over. (2 hours/mo.)

Websites are living, breathing online organisms, so to speak, that need care and attention. With our monthly maintenance plans for your website, you can rest assured that your online presence will be in excellent working order and you can request changes to your site that will be completed quickly and at a reasonable price.

Once your plan is active, simply submit a support ticket through our handy website form to send your edits directly to our expert web design team.

Are you keeping your website up to date?