Reviewing Reviews Part 1: What are Reviews?

Because of the internet, more people scour business reviews now than ever. When it comes to the art of good reviews, five important elements to keep in mind are: What Why Who Where/How When Be sure to read our other articles and stay tuned for the next ones coming out in our series! This one [...]

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Storytelling for Marketing

A captivating story is much more entertaining than a long list of facts. Most consumers will remember being entranced by colorful imagery and playful sounds than cold numbers. Using storytelling, businesses are able to engage more people and build customer loyalty. Here are the four main elements for the foundation of a great story: Perspective [...]

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Reach Your Ecommerce Dreams While Working

Working a 9-5 job often makes your ecommerce business dreams seem like more of a fantasy each day. You may be struggling between the two, but ask yourself: why not both? Baby Steps The first step you’ll have to take to see any growth for your business is making time. This means saying goodbye to [...]

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How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing your business’s placements within search engine results. As your business moves higher up within the list, more and more web traffic will be directed to your site. On-Site and Off-Site SEO can be broken down into two categories: on-site and off-site. On-site SEO involves modifying [...]

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4 Sales-Boosting Pricing Strategies

When selling any type of good or service, one of the biggest struggles is naming your price. The following research from different psychological studies proves that simple strategies have big effects on sales and profit. The Decoy Effect A study done by Professor Dan Ariely at MIT found that consumer preference between two options changes [...]

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Pin Smarter

Calculated Tips to Help Generate Traffic on Pinterest Pinterest is a growing social media platform that feeds people’s compulsive desire to organize and hoard. On platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, web traffic peaks just a few minutes after posting. On Pinterest, web traffic peaks after 3.5 months! This means sales can be generated a [...]

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How Much Did Cyber Monday Make in 2017?

A record breaking Cyber Monday illustrates the power of eCommerce and online marketing. Giving Tuesday kicked off end-of-year fundraising goals for nonprofits. Are you ready to rock quarter 4? Listen to Money Radio's Fasturtle Digital Pros for digital marketing tips. Cyber Monday Online Spending 2017 Black Friday and its online counterpart, Cyber Monday, raked in [...]

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Voice Search and the Future of UX Optimization

This Thanksgiving, we at Fasturtle hope you feast on conversions lovingly prepared by strategic optimization. Our latest Money Radio episode focused on how to optimize for voice search, a growing, soon to be dominant segment of search engine queries. User Friendly Content for Voice Search A common error by those new to the field of [...]

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How to Protect Your Website from Hackers

From Home Depot and Target to major breaches like Equifax, in which 143 million customers of the credit reporting service had their personal and financial information stolen, hackers continually develop methods to gain access to websites and, more importantly, user information through various technology & devices.  According to the 2016 IRTC Report: Businesses were the [...]

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All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options in 1 Epic Infographic

When creating Facebook Ads, knowing what options are available on the platform may be the most difficult part to master. Fasturtle's Social Media Paid Managers know the ins and outs of targeting on the platform. If this Epic Infographic makes your head spin, let us manage your Social Paid Spend for you [...]

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