So You Want To Be A Content Writer

don’t be like so many writers, don’t be like so many thousands of people who call themselves writers, don’t be dull and boring and pretentious, don’t be consumed with self- love. the libraries search engines of the world have yawned themselves to sleep over your kind. -from "So You Want to Be a Writer" by [...]

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How Much Did Cyber Monday Make in 2017?

A record breaking Cyber Monday illustrates the power of eCommerce and online marketing. Giving Tuesday kicked off end-of-year fundraising goals for nonprofits. Are you ready to rock quarter 4? Listen to Money Radio's Fasturtle Digital Pros for digital marketing tips. Cyber Monday Online Spending 2017 Black Friday and its online counterpart, Cyber Monday, raked in [...]

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Voice Search and the Future of UX Optimization

This Thanksgiving, we at Fasturtle hope you feast on conversions lovingly prepared by strategic optimization. Our latest Money Radio episode focused on how to optimize for voice search, a growing, soon to be dominant segment of search engine queries. User Friendly Content for Voice Search A common error by those new to the field of [...]

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How to Protect Your Website from Hackers

From Home Depot and Target to major breaches like Equifax, in which 143 million customers of the credit reporting service had their personal and financial information stolen, hackers continually develop methods to gain access to websites and, more importantly, user information through various technology & devices.  According to the 2016 IRTC Report: Businesses were the [...]

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All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options in 1 Epic Infographic

When creating Facebook Ads, knowing what options are available on the platform may be the most difficult part to master. Fasturtle's Social Media Paid Managers know the ins and outs of targeting on the platform. If this Epic Infographic makes your head spin, let us manage your Social Paid Spend for you [...]

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Responsive Websites for Mobile-First Index

Why do we need mobile-friendly responsive websites? Consumer trends point to more than half of search queries coming from mobile devices, and that number is growing. Poor user experience on a mobile device leads to consumers giving up and visiting competitors' websites instead. Google, in their quest to deliver user-friendly search results, penalizes websites that aren't [...]

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Campaign Tracking to Track ROI from Organic SEO

If you build it, will they come? Thankfully, with campaign tracking, you don't have to wonder where they come from. To track ROI from organic SEO, it's not enough to simply track page views. Instead, track specific actions by the user that result in leads and new customers. What Are Tracking Tokens? If you've ever opened [...]

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Social CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Social media is a relatively new frontier in customer relationship management, yet it's so instrumental that it warrants its own digital marketing buzzword: Social CRM. Today on Money Radio, we were joined by Fasturtle's Director of Client Success, Bryan O'Connor, to talk about utilizing CRM tools to the greatest effect. CRM Tools for Business For [...]

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Local SEO Ranking Factors

Fasturtle's Brett Levreau joined us on Money Radio to discuss local SEO ranking factors. The goal of optimizing for local search is simple: get your business at the top of SERPs when people nearby search for you, or for products and services you offer. You've likely searched for businesses near you, and found results in [...]

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Digital Strategy for Nonprofits

Today's episode on Money Radio concerns digital strategy for nonprofits. Fasturtle has partnered with nonprofit clients over the years, including the Children's Museum of Phoenix, Skyline Wish Builders, Foundation for Senior Living, and more. Click on the links to support these organizations and to view examples of our web design services! Adapting For-Profit Strategies to Nonprofits [...]

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