Is Digital Marketing Important for SMEs?

Small-medium enterprises need all the help they can get. While Google loves them—hence the efforts the company has made to give local firms and companies greater visibility on the SERPs—the odds can be pretty stacked against them. If you are building a small business enterprise in Phoenix, here’s why hiring digital marketing pros will matter [...]

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Digital Marketing – Revolutionized Marketing and Different Innovative Strategies

Find better ways to improve your company’s marketing. Take a look at the following strategies and start thinking of a way to incorporate them into your campaigns and efforts. Fix Your Web Design People are visual. They see a bad site, that’s going to make them turn to your competitors. Don’t give them a chance [...]

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Internet Marketing Strategies Affecting Businesses of All Sizes

Internet marketing isn’t just for big companies. Whether you run a small business or a big enterprise, you can benefit from better internet marketing strategies. Read on to know more. Cost-Effective Approach Internet marketing has leveled the playing field. In the past, only big companies with deep pockets could afford to ensure consumer reach with [...]

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When Should You Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

A wise business owner knows that evolution and growth is the only way to achieve success. If you’ve been doing the same thing for years, it may be wise to revisit your marketing strategy and think about changing it. Here’s why. You Aren’t Getting Results That’s a good enough reason to think about employing new [...]

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5 Ways Marketing Agencies Make a Difference

Find More Customers One of the many challenges small businesses face is finding and keeping customers. When you hire a team of marketing experts, you can count on them to help you achieve your business goals. Digital marketing agencies understand what techniques and campaigns work. They assess and study the profile of your audience until [...]

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5 Reasons Videos Are Becoming Essential Tools for Online Marketing

If you still aren’t using videos to market your brand, then you could be missing out on a lot. Read on for five reasons why video is quickly becoming an important marketing tool for small businesses and why you need to include it in your own marketing efforts. Consider the Rising Statistics Video marketing continues [...]

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Storytelling for Marketing

A captivating story is much more entertaining than a long list of facts. Most consumers will remember being entranced by colorful imagery and playful sounds than cold numbers. Using storytelling, businesses are able to engage more people and build customer loyalty. Here are the four main elements for the foundation of a great story: Perspective [...]

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How Much Did Cyber Monday Make in 2017?

A record breaking Cyber Monday illustrates the power of eCommerce and online marketing. Giving Tuesday kicked off end-of-year fundraising goals for nonprofits. Are you ready to rock quarter 4? Listen to Money Radio's Fasturtle Digital Pros for digital marketing tips. Cyber Monday Online Spending 2017 Black Friday and its online counterpart, Cyber Monday, raked in [...]

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