Can Email Marketing Help Grow My Landscaping Business?

The saying is famous and it rings true, 'You can't afford to ignore email marketing.' There are many benefits of owning an email list, even for a landscaping company. Email lists allow you to communicate with customers on your terms, and they also provide search engine optimization opportunities that search engines will reward in search [...]

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Email Marketing Mistakes: What to Avoid in Your E-Blasts

In the digital age, inbound marketing tactics have really taken over. But that doesn't mean that outbound marketing is outdated. Cold calling has been replaced by email marketing -- and when this technique is used correctly, your business can continue to reach both new and established customers. However, not every organization has mastered the finer [...]

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7 Reasons Email Marketing Still Works

Does email still matter? If you’re thinking about investing in email marketing, you’re likely asking yourself whether it’s a good move or not. However, for many businesses, it remains a staple in their marketing strategies. Here’s why your company should give it a try. Low Cost If you’re looking for a low-cost, effective solution, one [...]

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Is Email Marketing a Thing of the Past? No!

In the business world, you know that everything is about connections. You’ve got to make connections quickly and cost-effectively, and you’ve got to maintain those relationships to keep your leads current and allow your sales and business to flourish. Keeping up with the most current techniques to gain and keep leads can sometimes feel exhausting, [...]

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Digital Strategy for Nonprofits

Today's episode on Money Radio concerns digital strategy for nonprofits. Fasturtle has partnered with nonprofit clients over the years, including the Children's Museum of Phoenix, Skyline Wish Builders, Foundation for Senior Living, and more. Click on the links to support these organizations and to view examples of our web design services! Adapting For-Profit Strategies to Nonprofits [...]

Planning Holiday Digital Ad Campaigns AKA Christmas in August | Heard on Money Radio

What's Your Holiday Digital Ad Campaign Plan? So it’s only August, you’re still sitting by the pool, nary a Pumpkin Spice latte in sight. That hasn’t stopped retail stores from stocking Halloween supplies. It might not be fall yet, but like the wise old squirrel, it’s time to start thinking about winter – specifically, the [...]

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Fasturtle Uses Local Search SEO and Email Marketing to Triple Clients’ Website Traffic

Scottsdale, AZ – (November 4, 2015) – Fasturtle has been working with multi-location franchise companies for years - generating additional traffic to every location’s website and brick and mortar, through their local search engine optimization, email marketing, and newly updated and revamped social media program. “We are able to take the information given from corporate, [...]

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