Digital Strategy for Nonprofits

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Today’s episode on Money Radio concerns digital strategy for nonprofits. Fasturtle has partnered with nonprofit clients over the years, including the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Skyline Wish Builders, Foundation for Senior Living, and more. Click on the links to support these organizations and to view examples of our web design services!

Adapting For-Profit Strategies to Nonprofits

Fun fact: Fasturtle Digital’s content writing specialist has 4 years of professional experience in the nonprofit sector. She – okay, I, it’s me, hello – I know what it’s like to be working with a tight, variable budget, while being transparent and accountable to donors. You really don’t have extra money lying around. Any money you do invest needs to bring money back in to the organization. When you take risks, you feel like you might let down your donors and the people in your community who depend on your services. You have to run your expenditures by the Board of Directors and keep your internal spending a very small sliver on that pie chart. If you think it’s hard to please shareholders, let me introduce you to your local nonprofit board of directors.

Despite the service-oriented reasons we hesitate to take risks, effective strategies for attracting donors are almost identical to strategies for attracting sales and other for-profit type conversions.

Drip Email Campaigns For Nonprofits

The best digital marketing strategy will be tailored to your goals. A multichannel approach – that is, leveraging your website, blog, email marketing, social media accounts, and paid ads in tandem – is our #1 recommendation for obvious reasons. But if you have limited resources and need to focus on maximizing return on a small investment, consider starting with a drip email campaign:

  • Email marketing has 3x the conversion rate as social media marketing
  • Nonprofits and legal services boast the highest open and clickthrough rates, compared to other industries.
  • Every $1 spent on email marketing generates a $44.25 average ROI. It’s like a donation matching drive, except instead of doubling or tripling your donation, you might increase your investment 40x or more.

Effective Drip Email Campaigns

A drip email campaign automatically sends a series of emails to subscribers. Here’s what you need to run an effective drip email campaign:

  • Plan ahead with clear goals in mind.
  • Segment your audience to strategically target emails.
  • Schedule your emails strategically. Be consistent, but not spammy.
  • Write quality content. Keep it short and personal, but don’t make it weird.
  • Give and you will receive: share reports, eBooks, videos, and other engaging types of content.
  • Include a call to action to donate, sign up for an event, sign a petition, or whatever your goals are. Make it convenient.
  • Encourage readers to engage by sharing content on social media, forwarding the email to contacts who would find it relevant, and so on.
  • Make sure emails that use HTML and graphics are mobile-friendly.
  • Use clear, engaging subject lines between 6-10 words long.
  • Take advantage of Constant Contact’s 60 day free trial – and make the most of your trial by working with an experienced email marketing team.

Email marketing management might be the best digital marketing strategy for your nonprofit. Contact us to learn more.