Is Email Marketing a Thing of the Past? No!

August 9, 2019

In the business world, you know that everything is about connections. You’ve got to make connections quickly and cost-effectively, and you’ve got to maintain those relationships to keep your leads current and allow your sales and business to flourish. Keeping up with the most current techniques to gain and keep leads can sometimes feel exhausting, even with the help of a marketing agency, but sometimes approaches you may have regarded as outdated are the first things you should be trying. This is definitely true of email marketing, a lead generation tool that is not only not outdated but is essential to your business’ marketing success.

Why Email over Other Approaches?

Email marketing can present several advantages over other marketing approaches.

  • Unlike your website, emails can be customized to particular audiences, ensuring that your potential customers get precisely the type of information they’re seeking.
  • Customers can decide the timing of acquiring your data, rather than being locked into a prescribed time for a phone call or sales visit.
  • While a sales meeting or phone call typically seeks to share a maximum amount of information about you and your business all at once, a carefully-crafted set of emails can make the release of information more gradual and well-received by your customer.
  • The content in your emails can be focused more heavily on the help you will provide to them to meet their needs, making them feel less like they are ‘just a sale’ to you.

Where Will I Get Email Addresses?

The best way to acquire quality email addresses is to work with a marketing agency skilled in this task. One approach they may take is to review your content and determine what small portion of that content you might be able to offer an audience in exchange for their email addresses. Could you create a set of helpful tips or a short document that would entice potential customers to seek even more involvement with your company?

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Is your current marketing strategy getting you quality leads?