When it comes to your website, balance is key. Search engine optimization in San Diego or any other city should be done for users and search engines, never just one or the other. Search engines have specific requirements that must be met in order for a page to rank highly in search. While it is important to include these elements, businesses must also cater to the expectations of visitors by providing a clean, well designed, user friendly site with valuable and interesting content.  For search engine optimization in San Diego and every other city around the world, this same balance must also apply to webpage titles and descriptions, which are a way to increase rankings and also draw searchers into visiting your site. For webpage titles and descriptions, copy can easily be created to satisfy the needs of search engines and visitors alike.

Titles and descriptions are a part of search engine optimization in San Diego and any other location, but should also be considered as a form of advertising. This copy is the first that any visitor will see and is the best way to get visitors to click the link. Some searchers will click on the top sites on a search engine every time, but most will read or scan the titles and descriptions to see if the site will provide the information that they are seeking.

When it comes to titles and descriptions, the following are a list of basic rules that your business should follow to meet the needs of both users and bots:

  • Titles and descriptions must not exceed Google’s maximum character allowance. For titles, Google displays up to 65 characters while descriptions allow for 155 characters. The character allowance changes every now and then, but these numbers are a good base to stick with, so you aren’t constantly searching to find out the new limit. When your message is cut off, the point you are trying to make doesn’t fully come across. Stay within the limit by creating a strong, concise, targeted message.
  •  Write copy with your audience in mind. Your potential customers are the ones searching for products or services that your company provides, so your titles and descriptions should be well-written, interesting and relevant. A long sentence of mostly keywords is not copy that users will connect with, leading to drop offs in traffic. Don’t write copy just for the search engines, but rather provide copy that meets the needs of your potential customers, enticing them to click.


  • Include keywords in the title and description.  Your business should have a set of words or phrases that are relevant to the products or services you provide and are trying to achieve rankings for. For optimal search engine optimization in San Diego or another city around the world, place these words or phrases naturally into the title and description.

Optimizing your webpage, including the titles and descriptions leading into your page, will help your business to achieve success with both search engines and users. If you are looking to increase targeted traffic and search engine rankings, call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online to learn more about search engine optimization in San Diego or any other city your business may operate.