Fasturtle® wants to make sure you know what your reputation is online!

With the development of technological advances, new challenges emerge. People now are able to make consumer and business decisions from the convenience of the internet. These users can make a variety of claims about an individual, business, or organization. The internet has also empowered nearly everyone with a dispute, whether real or imagined, to publicize these gripes. As a result, a quick check on a search engine might bring up some pretty undesirable allegations about a person or brand name.

Knowing these things can help you satisfy these concerns and prevent an abundance of negative information from harming you in the long term. You can engage in defensive public relations when you feel like something is going to affect your reputation negatively. Now you can learn who is having the real influence over how you are perceived by the general public and work actively to perfect it.

Google has a great FREE service called Google Alerts, where users determine the frequency of checks for new results. Three options are available: “once a day”, “once a week”, or “as it happens”. You would select keywords like your company name, the CEO’s name, an executive at your company, etc. and Google will notify you when new results come in for those keywords.

Don’t let the internet run wild with your reputation. Take charge and get an account with Google Alerts so you can ensure that you are viewed in the proper light.

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