Of all the steps involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the most important step is keyword research. This crucial part of SEO directly relates to how your site ranks on search engines, as well as the topics you rank for. Focused keywords and keyword phrases will improve your site’s rankings and drive targeted traffic, resulting in higher sales conversion rates.

Simply stated, keywords and keyword phrases are the terms people enter into search engines to find information online. Deciding which keywords to use can be challenging process, when selecting keywords, consider the following points:

  • Traffic – there are many popular tools that can be used to determine the amount of traffic a keyword gets. The most well-known of these tools is the Google Keyword Tool. Traffic reports will offer insight as to the success of a keyword.
  • Conversion Rates – Keyword research assists in targeting the best keywords to most appropriately describe the products and services offered by a company. The use of accurate keywords is the most effective way of driving targeted traffic to your site. Conversely, inaccurate keywords will have a negative effect as searchers may not find your site relevant.
  • Keyword competition – Popular keywords, while offering high search volumes, may have too much competition to make an impact on your rankings. Thorough keyword research will help identify alternative keywords for profitable niches in the market.

Keeping these points in mind during keyword research will aid in targeting the best terms and phrases for your business. Appropriately applying the researched keywords will offer the best chance of ranking well on the major search engines.

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