Facebook has announced the launch of a new search engine that will improve the search experience for users on the site, meaning businesses should prepare to update their social media and SEO programs in Phoenix. Instead of using Google’s search function within Facebook, the site will use Graph Search, which will be powered by Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. So, how exactly will the new search engine system work?

Instead of pulling information that is popular on the internet as a whole, Facebook’s Graph Search ranking system focuses on the group that you actually care about: your friends.

This new search engine plans to focus on four main areas, which are people, photos, places and interests, in order to provide users with more personalized and relevant results. The following is a list of user search topics and how they will be ranked in the new Facebook search engine:

  • Businesses. When a user is searching for a business, such as a bookstore or a restaurant, Facebook search will return results based on what your personal Facebook friends like the most. The search engine will use signals, such as check-ins, tags or likes from friends to determine what bookstores or restaurants in the area may be a good choice. This means that social signals will majorly impact your SEO rankings in Phoenix and other locations throughout the nation.
  • Content. As you’ve probably noticed, Facebook friends frequently share new and interesting content. In the new social site’s search engine, users will now be able to type specific long tail search queries to find photos, articles, music, videos and other interesting content provided by friends and businesses. To take advantage of this new feature, businesses should update their social media and SEO programs in Phoenix.
  • Connections. Due to the fact that Graph Search is taking more social cues, such as likes, check-ins, location and history, individuals will be able to use long tail search queries to locate others with similar interests, both personally and professionally. It will be a great opportunity to network with people, especially those in your area, as well as people in cities across the country.

While it’s important for companies to be engaging with customers on social media presently, Facebook will offer an even larger opportunity once Graph Search launches, meaning companies should beef up on social media and search engine optimization now. The new search engine will allow users to more easily find your business and your content online, which makes it easier to connect with new potential customers. Developing a strategy for SEO programs in Phoenix will help your business to take advantage of Graph Search and gain SEO rankings in Phoenix.

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