3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Social Media Marketing

May 1, 2020

Social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to get brand recognition and drive traffic to your landing page. But it can be frustrating when you work so hard to create a social media strategy only for your social media presence not to go anywhere.

Many businesses turn to a professional digital marketing agency to help them get their social media presence off the ground, and with good reason. A digital marketing agency can help you increase your social media engagement and reach your target audience for a better online experience.

To help you gain a following on social media and increase engagement that leads to conversions and loyal customers, here are a few ways you can make the most of your social media marketing.

Stick to social networks that make sense for your business

Certain social networks and apps aren’t meant for B2C engagement, which is why marketing questions like “What’s TikTok?” are so cringe-worthy. If you want your social media marketing to draw in leads, it’s essential to stick to social media networks that your business can actually use to engage with potential customers. These social media networks include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Test each social media network to see if which network gives you the best results. If you aren’t seeing any results, that social media network might not be right for your business.

Create valuable content that’s worth sharing

There’s a major difference between social media engagement and social media advertising services. While advertising on social media is fine occasionally, you don’t want to turn your feeds into a stream of marketing content. About 87% of people say they’re exposed to more ads than they were two years ago.

Remember you’re trying to draw in potential customers by giving them useful information they can use to solve a problem or by inspiring them with a message that aligns with your brand identity.

Stay relevant with your content

When you’re creating your content, make sure you’re not just thinking about what you have to offer to your target audience. Consider the current problems or concerns your target audience is dealing with. The more relevant your content, the more your business seems like an industry leader.

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