Individuals worldwide depend upon their smartphones not only for making calls and sending text messages, but also for searching the internet while on the go. An increasing number of consumers are turning to their mobile devices to search for products and services to satisfy immediate needs, making mobile marketing in Scottsdale and other cities an excellent tool for small, local businesses.

The first step to effectively reaching customers in mobile search is to develop a website that is optimized for mobile. If a site is not mobile optimized, it may take a long time to load, may not fit in the dimensions of the screen and may not be easily navigable. When consumers visit a business page that delivers a less than satisfactory mobile experience, the reputation of the business can be damaged, driving customers to competitors. Over half of users that have a poor experience with a site on their mobile devices develop a negative opinion of the business, and choose not to engage with them in any other online outlets in the future.

To avoid creating frustration and negativity among users, it is essential that you develop a strategy for mobile marketing in Scottsdale, which begins with the development of a website optimized for mobile. When you have a site that is mobile friendly, users can more easily navigate your site for information, increasing the chances of conversion.

After this initial step, you should then dive deeper into the development of your campaign for mobile marketing in Scottsdale by crafting a local search strategy. Businesses that serve a specific community must optimize their sites to make sure that they are found in mobile search by customers in the immediate area. The following are a couple helpful tips to consider when creating a local search strategy:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A business can best reach consumers in the local community by developing a location specific strategy for search engine marketing in Scottsdale. Mobile screens have a very small space, so it is especially important that you appear at the top of the mobile search results page in order to reach your target audience. To increase your chances of a high mobile search ranking, you should sprinkle appropriate keywords into the content on your mobile optimized site. Such terms include those that describe the products or services you provide as well as the cities you serve. In addition to keywords, businesses can also make use of local business listings, such as Google+ Local or Yahoo! Local.


  • Pay Per Click (PPC). Another tool that businesses may want to take advantage of is pay per click, which is capable of targeting specific locations. One strategy to consider when creating a pay per click ad is to include the phone number of your business as well as the location in the actual content of the ad. This allows consumers to easily click to call for more information or get directions to your location conveniently from the mobile search results page.

Including both SEO and PPC in your strategy for mobile marketing in Scottsdale will help you to better reach your target audience by establishing higher search engine rankings and increased exposure.

As a small business, it is essential that you develop a strong strategy for mobile marketing in Scottsdale as soon as possible because local search will only continue to grow in the coming years. If you would like help creating a strategy for mobile search engine marketing in Scottsdale or wherever your business may be located, consider the online marketing experts at Fasturtle. Our mobile marketing professionals can help you to create a mobile optimized site that delivers a user friendly experience, and can also help you to optimize your site for local mobile search. For more information on mobile marketing in Scottsdale, call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.