How the new Google™ Algorithm changes can affect your rankings.

Recently Google™ launched an algorithm change targeted primarily at websites that copy content or provide little value for searchers. Weaker websites will see their rankings fall drastically while those with original content and information should start seeing better rankings. This goes to show that web technology and search engine ranking is an ever changing market with the stakes at an all-time high in the Google™ placement game. The top spots on the Google™ search page typically attract 20% to 30% of a page’s clicks while spots 2-4 generate 5% of pages clicks. Small businesses should keep their website content fresh, relevant and of high-quality by including such information as research, in-depth reports and thoughtful analysis. Failure to stay current and maintain your website could have drastic consequences for example, a slow in potential business or a complete overall drop in revenues. Fasturtle® aims to protect our small business customers and provide them with creative and innovative original content when building websites or updating current ones. Rest assured we will never copy content from other pages just to avoid a little hard work.

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