Customers spend a lot of time thinking about how they are going to spend their hard-earned dollars, so it should not come as a surprise that more often than not, they choose to do business with companies they know and trust. For well established businesses with a strong client base and well defined brand identity, this is a great thing, but for new businesses or those just setting up a web presence, it can be challenging to break into the market. How can you show clients that your company is trustworthy?

Brand Identity and Social Media

Your brand identity is very important in establishing and promoting your trustworthiness. You want to be seen as a business that takes client satisfaction and security seriously. If customers come to you with a problem you should do your best to fix it right away — this means that not only will your clients be happy, they will be more likely to speak about your company in a good way to friends and family, thus potentially expanding your client base.

If your business has a social media presence — and it should! — this is a good opportunity to build your brand identity. Answer customers’ questions, respond to their inquiries, and be available and engaged online. Clients will feel like they are heard, and anyone else looking at the interactions will see that you are a company with a brand identity that can be trusted.

Search Strategies

Customers find new companies using search engines. If they Google a local business, will yours show up? A user who chooses to Google a local business is looking for a company with connections to home, as local businesses can be seen as more trustworthy than anonymous large corporations. Use search engine marketing and SEO to help your website show up when people Google a local business like yours.

Real Security

SSL certification also adds trustworthiness to your brand identity. When you use SSL certification clients can be assured that their private and sensitive data, including financial information, is encrypted. SSL certification is well worth the cost and effort, as it is one of the only ways that clients will feel comfortable shopping online with you. SSL certification is a worthy investment for your brand identity and to protect you and your customers.

The next time a client decides to Google a local business, make sure your trustworthy company hits the top!