How to Prevent Getting Spam Mail from Your Website

Spam is everyone’s problem these days, even if you don’t see it on a regular basis. There are spam blockers and spam filters in just about every email client you use, from Gmail to private email clients. These technologies are important, but part of why they work is that people keep their email addresses relatively private. But if you run a business, you can’t keep your email address private. In fact, you want it out there as much as possible so that you get as many direct connections as possible with your potential clients. How can you prevent the inevitable? Here are a few ways how to prevent spam.

Don’t Skimp on Spam Filters and Spam Blockers

Each spam filter works with a unique algorithm in order to determine whether incoming email is from a spammer. There are lots of spam blockers provided by private companies that have tapped into the tricks of the spamming trade and have learned to block certain types of spam emails. If you’re having trouble, maybe it’s time to switch or even add a new spam filter or spam blocker. See what’s available for your website and mail client.

Don’t Open Spam Emails

If a spam email does get through, don’t open it and definitely don’t respond to it. Even the ‘unsubscribe’ options in many spam emails are just another way to get you to give up your valuable security. If an email looks like spam, immediately move it to the spam folder. Your email client should use this folder as a way to gather more details on what is and is not spam coming into your inbox.

How to Prevent Spam By Disguising Your Email Address

Of course, spam filters can’t do anything about spammers who are searching websites for email addresses to use. There are ways to avoid making it easy for these spammers to use your email address, but they are all a bit flawed. The first is to not actually write the email address. Take out the @ symbol, leave spaces between sections of the email address, or simply link to a form where visitors can submit a request or comment without seeing your email address. You can also use a general email address on your site and always respond with a primary email address.

Your best bet will be high quality spam blockers and spam filters. If you’re still having trouble figuring out how to prevent spam from your business site, consider changing the way people can get in touch with you.

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