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Calculated Tips to Help Generate Traffic on Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing social media platform that feeds people’s compulsive desire to organize and hoard. On platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, web traffic peaks just a few minutes after posting. On Pinterest, web traffic peaks after 3.5 months! This means sales can be generated a long time after being pinned.

Mark Your Price Up at First

Marking your price up slightly at first is a very skillful way to take advantage of one of Pinterest’s features: Price Notifications. Once the price of a product goes down, anyone who has pinned the product image will be notified of this decrease and further tempted to purchase.

Don’t Show Your Face

We’re not saying we don’t love your face, but studies show that pins without faces are repined 23% more.

Use Red

Studies have shown that red images tend to be repinned twice as often as blue images.

Check the Clock

Between 2-4 pm and 8-11 pm are the best times to pin an image. However, these times are also based on who and where your audience is. Pinterest’s own research has also determined which categories trend more on specific days of the week.

Keep It Tall

Taller images that are ideally 600 px wide are more likely to be repinned

Sell the Lifestyle

As with most social media marketing, it’s important to sell your customers on the lifestyle associated with your product, not just the product itself. If you are selling lemonade, for example, create some innovative recipes containing that lemonade. If you are selling fabric or art supplies, develop DIY tutorials that show consumers the versatility of your product.

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