Social Media Manager and Content Creator

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The Social Media Manager

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention by using a combination of the many social media websites available.

Boosting interaction online is the goal of content marketing professionals who perform social media marketing for small businesses. Content strategy is increasingly important for local businesses. SEO can be tailored to deliver content marketing Phoenix-wide or to focus on whichever locations are most important to your businesses.

Increasing numbers of companies are employing a social media marketing agency to develop their content strategy, demonstrating a deepening commitment to social media and content marketing. Most businesses, large and small, now actively maintain visibility on at least one social network. They have discovered that it is a powerful tool for not only finding and reaching out to customers, but for engaging with them and building trusting relationships that keep them coming back for more.

With social media marketing for small businesses, smaller firms are increasingly able to share information about themselves, educate customers and to keep them updated with progress and new developments. More importantly, however, customers are able to provide feedback to the businesses and share their experiences with others, creating word of mouth which is vital to a company’s growth and continuing success.

The social media manager will consider other digital marketing perspectives to ensure that the business and brand are visible online. This may include using such tools as Google My Business, which helps ensure that potential customers can find you online. A social media marketing agency might use Google My Business to update business information including hours of business, contact information and directions, in addition to other more specialist resources.

A social media marketing agency can provide significant gains for businesses. Doing so, however, requires a good understanding not only of social media sites but how they can be used to enhance customer experiences.

The Content Creator

In addition to knowing which social media sites to target and why, a business also needs the resources and expertise to effectively contribute information to those selected sites.

This content is often in the form of text, but can also be video, audio or photography, as determined by the social marketing strategy.

Content creation includes maintaining and updating web sites – particular blogs and landing pages – guest blogging (blogging on sites owned by other individuals or complementary companies), photography, videography, commenting online and maintaining an active presence within social media accounts.

News organizations are a great example of an industry understanding and adapting to the continually growing power of social media. While the sharing and discussion of news via digital media – particularly Twitter – caused disruption to traditional news outlets, those that adapted did so by harnessing the power of social media and creating content designed to function on the internet, which was then shared by social media users.

Corporate content includes advertising and press releases, but is most effective in terms of digital marketing when it is tailored towards creating engagement with readers and viewers. A content creator must be an effective communicator in order to ensure that messages meet the desires, interests and personalities of consumers.

Whoever is creating content for a business is responsible for being the ‘voice’ of that organization, so he or she must be able to learn and understand the firm’s corporate culture and vision, as well as understanding the people that the company is trying to reach.

The content creator will work closely with the social media manager in order to ensure that content meets the needs, requirements and evolving trends of the chosen social media sites. The length of posts, vocabulary, use of images, popular times of day and many other factors affect engagement with social media messages and so these two roles must work closely to make this marketing effort as effective as possible. These roles could really be said to be two closely-aligned perspectives moving toward the same goal, with each enhancing the effectiveness of the other.


According to a survey, almost 90% of small businesses are using social media as part of their marketing strategy, but more than half of those have said that they require help with their efforts. Fortunately, Fasturtle offers social media marketing services that can begin your journey into social media or help you get more out of what you are already doing. Our dual perspectives of social media management and content creation allow us to build trust between businesses and customers. We make it easy and fun for visitors to share your business’s content with their friends and family, thus generating new leads and improving the experience for all your customers.

By combining our social media knowledge with content creation expertise, we can efficiently engage with specific target audiences, increase client entanglement, and increase brand loyalty and customer retention. We have a proven track record of using social media to keep consumers thinking about our clients, their services and their products.

Well versed with the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we also have the resources and expertise to keep abreast of developing trends and emerging technologies so that your business is always at the forefront of cutting edge technology and at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

If you’re looking for a social media marketing agency, Fasturtle provides social media marketing for small businesses through our social media marketing program. Small businesses can hand us the responsibility for research, time-consuming content creation, and analysis of social media platforms’ functionality. We work extensively in the fields of content marketing. Phoenix is just one of the locales in which we provide tailored content and content strategy for local businesses and small firms.

In preparing your social media marketing strategy, we will identify how, when and what to post for your business on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We’ll do the research on your company, your industry, and related topics so that we can provide and deliver regular, engaging content to your customers, whether that be business related information, articles, inspirational messages, advice or a combination.

We can also take charge of an often-neglected area of social media marketing: your social media profile pages. Since this is where many of your potential customers will receive their first impressions of your business, we’ll ensure that every section is complete and engages your visitors to know more about you.

Our Social Media and Profile Setup service includes a professional social media custom brand stylization (logo, color, layout, etc.) and an RSS Feed for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, to facilitate reception and sharing of your content.

Whether your goal is more visibility online, to engage with customers, or to create a positive online presence, we can use our social media planning and content creation expertise as part of an overall digital marketing strategy to meet your goals.

Contact us now to complete your social media profile, generate a social media plan and content strategy tailored for you and your customers.