The Importance of Using Polling in Your Social Media Strategy

Polling is one of the most powerful social media strategies available. When used properly, companies receive a wealth of benefits. Because of that, it is a part of the most successful SEO programs in Phoenix. Companies should add it to their social media strategies so they can get all of the benefits.
Real time Information
Polling provides real time information. This helps companies understand their markets. They can use that newfound understanding to customize their SEO programs in Phoenix. This makes marketing campaigns much more targeted, which makes it easier to reach your core market.
They can also use that real time information to develop a content marketing strategy. By polling your audience, you can find out what they want to learn about, and then you can deliver that to them. This will ensure that they will be receptive to the content you provide.
Boost in Traffic
According to Porter Haney, the CEO of social polling company Wedgies, polls help companies increase traffic. Haney states that approximately 20% of readers vote on polls on average. Out of that 20%, approximately 15% share the poll. This results in a large boost in traffic. That boost in traffic helps companies get more fans, followers, and website traffic.
Free Feedback
Many companies hire expensive market researchers to determine what people think of their products. You can get that information directly from the source by using polls to ask customers what they think of your products. You will get the information faster and you won’t have to pay as much money for it.
Increased Engagement
Engagement is a big part of the best SEO programs in Phoenix. Polling increases engagement by encouraging fans and followers to provide their feedback. The increased engagement spreads brand awareness and increases the company’s social media visibility. It also makes it easier to create powerful online communities.
Increases Content
The best SEO programs in Phoenix use a lot of content. Polls make it easier to generate that content. First, companies create the poll. Then, they calculate the results. They can use those results to create a second piece of content.
Due to all of these benefits, polling will continue to rise in popularity. More companies will add polling to their SEO programs in Phoenix and beyond so they can enjoy all of these benefits. Then, they can connect with their market. That will help them boost sales and brand awareness.

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