10 Social Media Tips and Tactics to engage your audience

1. Twitter followers earned are much sweeter than Twitter followers bought. Anyone can go out and buy a click, but engaging in an actual conversation is much more fulfilling and leads to a loyal following. Buying your following could lead to the dreaded un-follow when they find out your content and tweets are not up to their standards.

2. Write regularly and consistently, people return to your site because your information is fresh, new and exciting.

3. If your readers took the time to read the article you spent so much time writing, they may want to share it as well, make it easy, and always include the Tweet and Facebook Like buttons on your work.

4. Write catchy headlines that grab people’s attention quickly. Make sure they are keyword rich for search engines.

5. Provide subscription buttons such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + so readers can easily follow you and your work.

6. When tweeting your 140 character message, include # tags to deliver it to the group of individuals you want to see the information. Example #leadership or #seo

7. As your following continues to grow on the different social media outlets, be sure to highlight this feat on your company blog, or monthly newsletter. People like being recognized for their efforts and if you show your appreciation to them, you are more likely to continue growing.

8. Run polls using the Facebook Question Feature. Engage and involve your audience for optimal feedback

9. Create a contest or competition on Facebook or Twitter for your followers.

10. Respond, Respond, Respond!! Always make an effort to reply to mentions on twitter or comments posted by fans on Facebook. Show you are engaged and appreciate that they are taking the time read what you have to say.

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