3 Steps to Focusing Your Brand

Before a customer considers purchasing products or services from a company, they will typically run a search online. If your business doesn’t have a strong search engine optimization strategy, you give the power to others, such as competitors, to tell the story of your company for you. In order to tell customers the story that you actually want to tell about your business, it is important to develop a strong online marketing campaign.

When designing or adjusting your campaign for search engine optimization and online marketing it is essential that you narrow your focus by deciding exactly what it is about your business that you want customers to know. From here, you can compile one list of business specific keywords that should be used across all outlets for online marketing, including custom websites, blogs and social media sites, to best reach targeted customers.

In addition to highly targeted keywords, this list of tips can also help in establishing a stronger brand online:

  1. Start a Blog. Blogging about topics specific to your industry is a great way to regularly provide new, fresh material, which is one of the most important factors that search engines look for.  Placing keywords throughout the content of your blogs helps you to establish higher rankings, which increases targeted traffic levels. While highly beneficial, blogging can take a significant amount of time, which as a business owner you may not have. If this is the case, there are many companies specializing in media marketing in Scottsdale that can provide professional copywriting services for you.
  2. Create Online Resources. High quality online books or white papers can be very beneficial tools for online marketing in Scottsdale. These resources are highly downloaded and shared with friends as they offer expert information free of charge. Online books, white papers and other sources of valuable information help to establish you as a professional, credible business in the industry.
  3. Create a Community. As a business, it is important to post interesting information that starts an online conversation among customers. Once a conversation is started, however, you can’t just abandon it. Responding to each and every comment on your social media sites in a timely fashion will show customers that you value their opinion, creating a friendly, inclusive environment with many loyal followers.

Following the above tips will help you to hone in on the brand of your business, and establish yourself in the online world.

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