3 Things Search Engine Optimization Has with Google Ranking Factors

If you don’t know about the inner workings of Google graph, search engine optimization techniques, and Google local business tools, you may not fully understand just how much work goes into having your website appear high up in Google search engine results page rankings. You want your customers to find your site by searching for the keywords that make the most sense, but this doesn’t happen by itself – you need to use the tools available to you, including knowledge of Google graph and search engine optimization techniques, to make your website show up when people Google local business like yours.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Using Keywords

Attracting the attention of a search engine is possible using search engine optimization techniques. This typically involves selecting keywords – popular words and phrases that should bring people to your website. Searching Google users should be glad they’ve arrived at your site, because you’re just what they were looking for.

Search engine optimization techniques suggest using keywords in numerous places within your website to make your way up in Google ranking. Add keywords to titles, headers, URLs and image and video names and descriptions. Don’t go overboard, however – your content still needs to make sense and adding too many keywords can actually negatively impact your ranking.

Blogging is a great way to use search engine optimization techniques to attract people to your site. Use keywords within posts to maximize their effect.

Google Graph and Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Google graph, or knowledge graph, helps inform how Google ranks pages. Google graph uses trustworthy sources to extract information beyond typical search engine optimization techniques, looking at natural language and official sources. Being a trustworthy source of information and making sure to stay away from spam-like messaging is a good way to prepare your business page for Google graph searches.

Google for Local Business

When people Google local business places, you want your site to turn up. You should know about tools made specifically by Google for local business owners, including Google My Business. With Google, local business owners can directly market to their customers within a geographical area, responding to questions and reviews and sharing products and services. You may still need to employ search engine optimization techniques when using Google for local business but it can cut out some of the irrelevant pages bringing you closer to the top rankings.

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