4 Small Website Errors that Make a Big Difference

When you hire a custom website designer to build your website, it’s easy to focus on the main pages and the overall look of the site.  Certainly those elements are important, but the small details can make a big difference to the visitors on your site. Here are the four most commonly overlooked elements of a website, and how to easily correct them.

1. Update the Website Footer

The website footer commonly includes a copyright at the bottom of each page. It is easy to forget that this footer includes a year. Having out of date information may lead visitors to think your site is less than reputable.  Consider setting a calendar reminder to reoccur every January reminding you to update the footer. It’s an easy fix and says a lot for your business.

2. Make an Impact with the FAQ Page

Make sure your “frequently asked questions” page answers questions that your customers would actually ask (or have) and include clear and concise answers. After developing the content for the FAQ page, consider adding some personality with witty answers or a funny question.

3. Change up your Contact Form

The more fields a contact form includes, the less likely a visitor is to complete it. Regularly review the contact forms on the site and determine if the information you’re gathering is truly necessary.  Keep it simple. Good information can be gathered in a few questions, and your visitors will be more likely to fill out a short contact form.

4. Clean Up Dead Ends

A landing page is different from a website content page because it is a special place for a potential customer to “land”.  Here you may try to collect their contact information, but because landing pages usually do not have any top navigation, customers are not sure where to go next – it’s a dead end. Try putting yourself in their shoes and think about what they might be interested in and give them a path to learn more about your company through the site.

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