In the age of digital marketing it is common for business owners to feel overwhelmed. An easy way to offset this insecurity is to take advice from a well-meaning friend or colleague, unfortunately this reliance on information sharing can lead to mistakes and misinformation. Below are the 5 most common marketing mistakes we at Fasturtle, your online marketing experts serving Phoenix and beyond, encounter, and tips on how to avoid making them.

  1. Keyword Filled Domain Names– Five years ago this strategy may have worked; it may have even been considered a “strength” in a company’s search engine optimization program. But no longer is this the case. Keyword stuffed domains can get flagged by Google as spam these days. The best bet is to have a domain name that fits your brand, not what you’re selling.
  2. Not Treating Your Website as an Investment- Anyone can throw a logo, text, and a few links together and call it a website, but does it properly service their brand? Probably not. Custom website design in Phoenix is certainly an investment but working with the right company such as Fasturtle, guarantees you a great return on this all- important -venture. The bottom line — have a website budget that matches your industry and the caliber of your customers.
  3. Not Standing Out in Your Field– Of course tracking your competition makes sense as part of your overall online marketing strategy in Phoenix. However, simply making a blue-print of the top competitor’s tactics and following them will leave your business without originality and customers without a reason to buy from you over your rival. Your online marketing plan in Phoenix should upsell what makes your business unique.
  4. Making Your Name by Being the Cheapest– It’s a good thing to offer consumers a fair price. But by consistently and only highlighting your low price as a main marketing strategy, customers will get into the habit of expecting you to ALWAYS lower your price, even if that means slicing your margins to nothing. The better way to go is offer a quality product that gets value driven customers in return.
  5. Too Little Cash Flow to Your Marketing Budget- Sure you may be a small business or start-up but the less you put towards your marketing budget, the less return you can expect to see. Be realistic with your online marketing in Phoenix, seeing a return takes time and your budget needs to be in line with your expectations.

At Fasturtle, we know the importance of businesses having a multi-channel marketing strategy. We offer customized search engine optimization programs, email marketing and custom website design in Phoenix and beyond. Give us a call at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online to start building your business today!