When setting up an email marketing program, it is important to remember that billions of promotional emails are sent out each day, meaning your customers are regularly bombarded with marketing messages from a variety of businesses. With an inbox full of messages, it is easy to see how customers can become overwhelmed, leading to a mass delete of emails that don’t immediately catch the eye.

To avoid having your emails trashed, it is crucial that you work with content writers in Scottsdale to craft subject lines that appeal to your unique audience. Consider the following email marketing solutions to improve your open rates:

  1. Be Exclusive. Customers want to feel like they are part of a special club for opting into your email list; therefore, using terms, such as VIP, exclusive or invitation only in the subject line is recommended as they have been proven to increase open rates.
  2. Use Numbers. Your customers receive numerous emails each day, meaning they simply do not have the time to read paragraph after paragraph of information. For this reason, you should work with content writers in Scottsdale to create materials that provide valuable information in an easy to read format, such as numbered bullet points. The subject line should then reflect the format, telling recipients that they will learn a specific number of things about a topic important to them in a short amount of time, increasing open rates. To further increase these rates, use odd numbers in your subject lines when possible.
  3. Be Concise. It is important to note that 25 percent of emails are opened on smartphones, meaning you must be using mobile friendly email marketing strategies to achieve the highest open rates possible. Most mobile phones cut off email subject lines at 25 characters, so it is beneficial to work with a content writer in Scottsdale to create highly relevant, concise titles that work well for both mobile and non-mobile email recipients in your target market.
  4. Avoid All Caps. Some business owners believe that using all capital letters in a subject line will draw the eye, leading to an increase in open rates. This strategy, however, is not one of the recommended email marketing solutions as it simply does not work. Subject lines written in all capital letters are actually highly unprofessional, and often can come off as you yelling at the recipient.
  5. Leave Out Certain Words. The best content writers in Scottsdale know that there are four words you should never use in your subject line: free, help, reminder and percent off. These four are the most overused subject line words, and will make your messages look just like every other business email, meaning it is much more likely to be deleted.

Keeping the above tips in mind when working with a content writer in Scottsdale will help you to create email subject lines that lead to marketing success.

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