If you’re building a WordPress website, you know how easy it is to make your site look like everyone else’s. The easiest and quickest way to get a site up will be to use a template that is familiar and simple. Not surprisingly, that won’t help you to stand out from the crowd online. Here are a few ideas that can add creativity as well as uniquely engaging content which will make your WordPress website less WordPress and more of an expression of your business or blog.

Add Special Features 

The WordPress website builder is fairly friendly to new users, but it’s also great because it’s easy to use WordPress tutorials to learn more. Sometimes it pays to add a new special feature to your WordPress site, even if only temporarily. Don’t be afraid to change things up for a week or a month, and then change things up again. Add an image gallery from an event. You may find that simply browsing the WordPress tutorials will give you some great ideas.

Add Comment Redirect

Comment Redirect is a plug-in that allows you to respond directly to a commenter the first time they comment on a post. It first looks at the comment to ensure it’s not spam, and then it redirects the user to a page or landing page of your choice. This can be a special way to acknowledge interactions and engage with readers.

Add Videos

Check out the WordPress tutorials on how to best use videos on a WordPress website. Then create a fun and engaging video that helps users to learn more about you or your business. Don’t do what others have done. Find a unique way to communicate to users. Give a tour of the office from the perspective of a pet. Create a stop-motion-animation history of how your company was formed.

Add Unique Social Media Sharing Buttons

Designers come up with new and beautiful social media sharing buttons all the time. You don’t have to have the same old options on your site. Check out Mashshare or Social Sharing By Danny, or other WordPress website builder templates that others have come up with more recently.

Add to Your Knowledge

The more you learn about what is possible with the WordPress website builder, the more inspiration you’ll gain. You might come up with a great idea based on a WordPress tutorial that you happened upon while browsing. Don’t stop learning and you’ll always find new and creative ideas for your WordPress website.