5 Tips to a Successful Landing Page

Landing pages are an essential component for SEO rankings in Scottsdale and cities throughout the country, which many businesses tend to forget. Instead of focusing some of their efforts on landing pages, businesses tend to focus purely on keyword research and optimization of pages to help increase rankings. While high rankings do allow business websites to be more easily found by customers, what happens after they click the link?

If you have poor landing pages, customers will quickly hit the back button, which sends a signal to search engines that your page is low quality and irrelevant to the search terms. So, while you may have a high ranking initially, it is very difficult to maintain with poor onsite metrics. Additionally, the whole point of SEO in Scottsdale and other cities is not only to increase rankings, but also to increase targeted traffic and conversions. If a business is not able to gain any leads, efforts for SEO in Scottsdale are wasted.

Landing pages are the tools that must be used to achieve such conversions as signing up for a newsletter, booking an appointment or purchasing a product. For this reason, it is highly beneficial to consult with web design services to make sure your landing pages are appealing and relevant to your audience, and are set up in a way that allows you to achieve your goals.

The following is a list of tips that you should consider when creating landing pages:

  1. Headlines. Your custom website design should pay special attention to the headlines and headers, as well as the content structure. Content of headlines should directly relate to the search query, and draw the visitor into completing a specific action. The page should also be neat and clean, meaning content should be surrounded by appropriate amounts of white space to keep it from looking cluttered.
  2. Relevant Content. Like with headlines, it is essential that the site content be relevant to the search terms. Some search terms are very specific, such as “how to”, “guide” or “top 10”. For search terms such as these, visitors expect numbered or bulleted lists that quickly convey the information they are seeking in a visually appealing way. Customers today have short attention spans and won’t take the time to sift through paragraph after paragraph, so it’s important to be straight to the point while still providing adequate information. Hiring a service that provides professional copywriting in Scottsdale will help you to best present information to visitors.
  3. Above the Fold. When performing a search, many visitors won’t scroll down the page if they don’t like what they first see. For this reason, it is essential that the most important, relevant information be written above the fold. Make sure that it is obvious to the customer what products or services your company offers, and give them a reason to further explore your site.
  4. Calls to Action. If you expect your visitors to complete an action, tell them what to do. After visitors have skimmed some content, it should be very obvious as to what you want them to do next, such as downloading a whitepaper or signing up for an email newsletter. Placing large, distinguishable call to action buttons in your custom website design will help to increase these metrics.
  5. Social Media. Do your landing pages offer visitors the option of easily sharing the content they have found with their friends online? All landing pages should include share buttons for social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. When visitors are sharing content, this will provide you with reinforcement that your content is relevant to your audience. Additionally, search engines will receive positive signals when users are sharing your content, meaning your SEO in Scottsdale will become stronger.

To improve your landing pages and SEO rankings in Scottsdale, the above tips can greatly help. While these tips will help you to get started on building or improving landing pages, there are a number of other strategies that should be employed.

To make sure that your efforts for SEO in Scottsdale yield the best results, it is best to hire a company specializing in online marketing and web design services. At Fasturtle, our experts have over a decade of experience with SEO, custom website design and copywriting in Scottsdale, and can work with your company to create a winning campaign. If you are interested in custom website design or a highly tailored campaign that will increase SEO rankings in Scottsdale or another city, please call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.

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