Content marketing that captivates and entertains is a big challenge for consumers and businesses today. Luckily, digital marketing has come a long way from standard interruptive advertising, moving into shareable, personable and informative content that is more targeted and engaging. One such step forward is social engagement apps. These invite audiences into a relationship with the brand and even encourage readers to create and share content themselves. Done properly, social engagement apps are valuable digital marketing tools for SEO firms in Scottsdale that help clients stay current and connected. Here are five key tips for using them:

1. Encourage Voting

This gives followers a say in the brand’s direction. From small-scale opportunities like voting for their favorite flavor to larger, more important decisions such as choosing a magazine’s cover story, voting fuels branding and digital marketing efforts and provides insight into how followers see you and what they want from you.

2. Deliver a Personalized Experience

The best web development in Scottsdale tailors the brand experience to users’ profiles and provides unique, one-of-a-kind involvement that keeps interest piqued. Do this by suggesting services and products based on information given in the profile data, like LinkedIn recently did: they paired up with Jones NY to recommend personalized outfits to women based on their professional profile.

3. Ask For Submissions

Contributions from fans, such as photos, videos, or stories related to your brand and image, help followers feel like part of the brand community while also enriching current content creation and digital marketing efforts. For example, Virgin Mobile recently produced a TV spot made up entirely of consumer contest videos.

4. Challenge Your Audience

Quizzes and polls challenge, engage, and entertain your followers. Make answers informative, useful, and, most importantly, shareable. A question a day for an entire month about facts related to your brand, like Norway USA recently did, brings fans back for more.

5. Offer Insight

Let followers learn about themselves through their engagement with your brand. Engagement apps show patterns and offer insights they may not have noticed, such as products and services they may find useful. A recent Microsoft graph on LinkedIn not only gave followers a look at their job title, but also introduced them to new Microsoft products.

SEO firms in Scottsdale know that finding success on social media happens when brands have a strong, meaningful voice that connects with fans and followers. An effective digital marketing campaign that combines search engine optimization with content marketing tools such as engagement apps is sure to reel readers in and keeps them coming back.