6 Questions About Hiring a Digital Marketing Team

2019-09-26T06:18:18-07:00October 10th, 2019|Digital Marketing|

Need a digital marketing team in Phoenix? Here are 6 questions to ask before hiring one.

What Do You Need?

Do you require content marketing assistance? Or are your pages in dire need of a redesign? Figure out the type of services you need from an agency. That will give you a clear idea which teams will fit the bill.

Are You on the Same Page?

Everything may check out on paper. The company will have the right credentials and a ton of other qualifications to make it seem like the ideal choice. But that’s not all you need from an SEO team. If you and the company aren’t aligned, you’ll find yourself looking for another one sooner rather than later. Avoid that by finding out if the agency’s goals fit with yours right from the start.

Does It Have Any Industry Experience?

Finding a marketing agency isn’t a problem since there are plenty of them around. Finding one with experience in your industry, though, that takes a bit longer. But it’s worth taking the extra time and effort to make sure you get a digital marketing team that understands how your industry works and what you need out of it.

What Do They Promise?

You’ve heard of the phrase: overpromise and under-deliver. If the company promises to get your site to rank number one or top the first page of the SERPs in a month or two, that’s a bogus claim. Good SEO campaigns take time to pick up traffic. If they’re telling you they can do it in a month, they’re lying. Look elsewhere.

Are They Using Any Tools?

The best digital marketing teams use tools. They measure traffic and results. If you can measure results, then you can improve them. If the company doesn’t have any tools that do that, you’re in trouble. Move on to other options on your list.

Do They Do Paid Marketing?

Paid marketing like PPC is actually a good way to boost your numbers. Some companies use them to attract traffic while your SEO campaigns take time to get off the ground. Once your organic traffic starts to grow, paid search marketing can help improve your results even further.

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