6 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign

2019-10-02T11:54:30+00:00October 4th, 2019|Website Design|

Having a website isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get plenty of site traffic. But if your site performance isn’t improving, it’s time to rethink your pages. Consider upgrading your pages. Here’s why you need a new website and why you need it now.

Not Mobile Friendly

Google your page using your mobile phone. How responsive is the design? Does the screen adjust? Or do you need to keep resizing the pages every time you jump from one to another? That’s terrible user experience and is likely why you have little to no site traffic. Start optimizing your pages for mobile. Hire pros for website design in Phoenix.

Slow Loading Pages

People hate waiting. If your pages take too long to load, that turns off a lot of potential customers. If you don’t want them to close your page before you even have a chance to show them what your products or services are about, fix your loading speed. A seasoned SEO firm will know what to do.

Low Ranking

If you’ve got poor ranking on the SERPs, that kills your website’s visibility, which makes it hard for customers to find you. Make your business easier to see and access by improving your page rankings. Talk to an SEO team to find out how marketing campaigns will change that.

Business Expansion

The goal of many entrepreneurs is to expand their business. If that happened to you, then your company has outgrown its site. Get pros to create a new one. This involves more than changing your address or phone numbers. Often, the growth of a company comes with changes in the firm’s goals, vision, and direction. Make sure your website’s new design reflects all that.


This is one of the best reasons why you need an upgrade. If your pages are about five or even ten years old, then you’re still using old website technology and designs. Not only will it have slow loading speeds, but it will also look out of place. That will turn off potential customers or buyers.

Visual Clutter

A lot of entrepreneurs want to provide as much information through their sites as possible. But overloading the pages isn’t a good idea. If your website is bogged down with too many details, it’ll leave your customers with a confusing navigational experience. Fix that by hiring Fasturtle for excellent website design in Phoenix.