There are over 100 million active smartphone users in the United States, and this number only continues to grow as technology improves and becomes more affordable. Americans carry their cellphones with them everywhere they go, which makes it easy and convenient to communicate with friends and family via voice and text message at any time of day. In addition to communicating with individuals, people are also able to communicate and receive information from businesses through mobile websites in Phoenix and other cities throughout the country.

More people than ever now have constant internet access no matter where they are, meaning that mobile search may soon take over the number of searches performed on PCs or other devices. As a matter of fact, 77 percent of mobile searches happen while individuals are at home or work. A majority of Americans now prefer to perform online searches on their smartphones because of their speed and convenience. Instead of taking the time to sit down behind a stationary desktop computer or even take out and turn on a laptop or tablet, smartphone users prefer their phones as they are always on and readily available.

Due to this trend, businesses should develop mobile websites in Scottsdale and other cities across the country in order to reach their customers. With more and more people turning to mobile websites in Phoenix and other cities, you may fall behind your competitors if you don’t set aside part of your budget for mobile online marketing in Phoenix. Sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices tend to be slower to load and difficult to read and navigate. When customers are performing a mobile search for a product or service that your business offers, they expect to view a site that opens quickly and allows them to easily navigate and locate the information that they are looking for. If this is not the case, customers will immediately bounce from your site and visit the pages of competitors that have taken the time and effort to develop mobile websites in Phoenix.

Creating mobile websites in Scottsdale or another city for your business will not only allow you to increase your exposure and website traffic, but can also lead to an increase in conversions. A majority of searchers visiting mobile websites in Phoenix tend to complete a follow-up action, such as a phone call or email, a trip to the store or an online purchase. Conversions from mobile websites in Scottsdale and other areas throughout the country tend to be high for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors.

If you are interested in developing a mobile site as part of your plan for online marketing in Phoenix or another city, the online marketing and design experts at Fasturtle would be more than happy to help. Our talented programmers and designers can work with your business to create professional, personalized mobile websites in Phoenix that are visually appealing and user friendly. Please call Fasturtle today at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online for more information on online marketing in Phoenix or another city throughout the country.