8 SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component to every company’s online marketing strategy. Without strong search engine programs in Phoenix or other areas throughout the country, it becomes much more difficult for your customers to find you and learn how your business can meet their needs. For this reason, many business owners are turning to firms offering search engine optimization to assist with the development of campaigns that will improve search rankings and traffic to their websites.

In order to achieve high SEO rankings in Phoenix or another city, it is important to start with these 8 search engine optimization basics:

  1. Site Structure. When it comes to your website, it is essential that your business build a user friendly site with fresh, interesting and relevant content. Many businesses put all of their focus into marketing efforts, such as connecting with customers on social media or advertising in search, but then lose these customers when they click on links that take them to a poorly designed site; therefore, before implementing a search engine program, take the time to produce an easy to use site that provides beneficial information to customers.
  2. Appeal to Search. For your site to best perform with the search engines, you should focus on four key elements:  authority, content, performance and usability. Search engines are looking for sites that will give the visitor the best experience, and will then rank them accordingly. Sites should not only provide great content, but should also be well linked to authoritative sites, load quickly and be easily navigable. These sites will have a better chance of earning high SEO rankings.
  3. Avoid shortcuts. Search engine optimization is much more complex than many businesses owners may think. Search engines are smart and generally know when sites are optimized in a way that is trying to trick the algorithms into producing higher search engine optimization rankings. For example, search engine optimization programs that are focused on keyword stuffing or purchased links will be flagged by search engines, negatively impacting your SEO rankings. Do search engine optimization the right way, and your site will reap the benefits.
  4. Know Your Goals. When running a search engine optimization program it is important to have set goals for the campaign to identify what your business is trying to achieve from increased traffic on your website. Having these business goals laid out from the beginning will allow you to accurately measure the success of your campaign and make adjustments when necessary.
  5. Be Consistent. With online marketing businesses need to use a strategic mix of online channels to reach customers. Even though each channel may be different, it is important that they all be well integrated in order to convey a consistent message of the brand.
  6. Use Sub-Directory Root Domains. Domain names are extremely important to SEO success. In order to achieve the best search engine referred, it is recommended that businesses use sub-directory root domains as opposed to subdomains. Unlike with subdomains, sub-directory roots transfer the authority from the root domain to the other pages of the site, providing a higher ranking in search for all pages at a quick rate.
  7. Optimize for Mobile. An increasing number of people are searching from the convenience of their mobile phones or tablets, meaning that search engine optimization programs in Phoenix must adapt. Consult with a company specializing in search engine optimization to help you create and optimize a mobile site for your customers.
  8. Include Meta Data. Your website should be optimized for SEO in Phoenix with title tags and meta descriptions. While search engines look more at title tags than meta descriptions for search engine optimization purposes, both are important as they are the first thing a searcher reads in deciding whether or not to click the link from the search results page. In order to increase your traffic, it is important to pay attention to meta data.

A search engine optimization campaign should be founded on the eight basics listed above.  Having this knowledge in your repertoire is extremely beneficial in creating a successful campaign for online marketing.

While you may be able to successfully launch a search engine optimization program, know that it does take a significant amount of work to keep up with. As a business owner, you may not have the time to run a full online marketing campaign as it is a full time job. If this is the case, the online marketing experts at Fasturtle would happy to help. Our talented team has worked with hundreds of businesses to create search engine optimization strategies that have increased SEO rankings in Phoenix and other cities across the country. For more information on SEO call Fasturtle today at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.

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