1. 1.How will I build a website? (The basis for every good project decision)
    a. Purchase Software
    b. Freelance Contractor
    c. Professional Company
  2. 2.What are the objectives for my website? (Should be tactical and financial)
    a. Number of Sales
    b. Provide Information
    c. Lead generation
  3. 3.How will I measure my goals? (The internet is the most measurable medium in existence)
    a. Monthly
    b. Quarterly
    c. Statistics
    i. Visitors
    ii. Sales
  4. 4.What target market is most important? (You can’t be everything to everyone)
    a. Customers
    i. Current
    ii. Prospective
    b. Vendors
    i. Easy Payment
    ii. Discussion Section
    c. Employees
    i. Current
    ii. Potential
  5. 5.What are my visitor’s needs? (They came to you on purpose, not by accident)
    a. What do they want
    b. What do they need
    c. What is their expectation for their experience
  6. 6.How do I currently market myself in the business community? (Monopolize the Industry)
    a. Networking
    b. Newspaper
    c. Magazine
  7. 7.How will I exceed customer’s expectations? (Most important aspect of Website design)
    a. Navigation
    b. Forms
    c. Interactive
  8. 8.How accessible am I to my clients? (The “I want it now” mentality has taken over)
    a. Person
    b. Phone
    c. Website Form
    d. Email
  9. 9.What does my website say or will say about my company? (Image is everything)
    a. Pictures
    b. Content
    c. Layout
  10. 10.What should my website cost? (Long after the sweetness of low price is gone the bitterness of poor quality remains)
    a. Portfolio
    b. References
    c. Experience