There are times when understanding all there is to know about search engines and how they operate can get downright overwhelming. After all, it's easy enough to get bombarded by terms that seem so ambiguous; acronyms such as SEO, PPC, PR, ROI, SEM and so many others.

SEM services, or search engine marketing, is a strategy that encompasses such things as SEO in order to build your rankings in the search engines. Once you write a post or article you want it be found by your followers and others you are trying to connect with. If no one sees what your business is all about, all of your efforts will be wasted. Local search engine marketing can help your business be successful in using SEM.

Think of SEM as the wide umbrella that has under its dome search engine optimization or SEO. SEM also includes both paid search results and organic search results.

What are paid search results?

Tools such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads are paid search results. These are the results that pop-up on a search engine results page in the right-hand column. People pay to put those there; they must be highly optimized in order to find their way to the best Google and Bing pages. You also find Adwords on websites, where anyone can incorporate them into their web pages. When people click on them, and buy whatever is on that clickable page, you receive affiliate income from that sale.

What are organic search results?

This simply means any search result that appears on a search engine results page that has been keyword-optimized. You don't pay for these results to show up; you optimize for their best results. Organic is free, paid is not.

Another part of SEM services is SMM or social media marketing. This is where you want your customers, followers, and those interested in what your business is all about, to become familiar with your products and services through social media platforms. Where once the Yellow Pages was all you needed, today no one looks through them anymore.

Putting together the best marketing strategies for your company involves expertise and lots of time and knowledge to know just what will work and what may be a waste of time for you. Contact Fasturtle, a Scottsdale SEO firm and let us put together the best marketing strategy for you.